Avenida Dr. Aurélio G. Santos - Caldas da Felgueira, Canas de Senhorim 3525-202, Portugal



Caldas da Felgueira is located in the large Beira plateau of the Dão Wines Region and Serra da Estrela. 25km from Viseu and 100km from Spain on the route of the main links of Portugal to Europe.

With a spectacular setting in and amongst the stunning rural Portugal valleys, this charming hotel offers unparalleled views of Serra da Estrela.

It is located 50 meters from the spring water bathing resort Caldas da Felgueira, with elevator access to the Spas, surrounded by stunning scenery in the middle of the countryside that are an invitation to an almost heavenly place. You can also visit the river beaches with Blue Flag: Avô, Alvoco das Várzeas and Loriga.

Neighboring towns and villages

5 Km - Nelas e Canas de Senhorim
12 Km - Carregal do Sal
17 Km - Mangualde
20 Km - Oliveira do Hospital
20 Km - Seia
25 Km - Viseu
55 Km - Serra da Estrela (Torre)

Avenida Dr. Aurélio G. Santos, Caldas da Felgueira, Canas de Senhorim - 3525-202, Portugal
(40°29'20.0"N   7°51'52.4"W)
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